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Terms of Use

All users and automated systems must comply with the requirements listed below when accessing (from now referred as Turbli). Turbli reserves the rights to change these requirements at any time.

1. The content presented in Turbli is copyrighted and only for personal use. The content cannot be copied, reproduced or made available to the public in a similar way without prior written authorization from us. Send us an email to to obtain such authorization.

2. The only exceptions to requirement 1 are links or screenshots of the website for use in social media, news articles, magazines or blogs. All these need to provide a full attribution to Turbli and a link to the URL where the screenshot was taken from. If a large number screenshots is to be used in a regular basis (more than 10 a month), you also need to contact us for authorization.

3. Web scraping or any other automated method to collect content from Turbli is strictly forbidden for private, public or commercial use. Gathering content from Turbli for study, learning, education or research is also forbidden.

4. We do not consent to the content on this website being used or downloaded by any third parties for the purposes of developing, training or operating artificial intelligence or other machine learning systems (“Artificial Intelligence Purposes”).

Users or automated systems that fail to respect the points above will be considered to have breached our Terms of Use

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