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turbulent flow

About this website

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At turbli, the goal is to provide flight travelers with the most accurate turbulence forecast.

Our sources come from the forecasts produced by NOAA/NWS, which are also used by pilots for flight planning. This data is then adapted to your flight by:

  • Covering the takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing

  • Using a 13 km resolution alogn the route filed by your pilot, or a geodesic if this one is not available

  • Blending all the forecast times covered during your flight

  • Adjusting the forecast to the wing loading of your aircraft

  • Adjusting the forecast to the cruise speed of your aircraft

  • Wind speeds and seasonal averages are also presented to show travelers possible risk of delays in case of strong headwinds.

    Turbli is a tool for the curious traveler, the ones who fear flying, the people trying to concentrate on work through the flight, the parents hoping to walk their babies along the aisle, and many more. Check turbli, listen to the instructions of flight attendants and buckle up when the sign turns on!

    The author

    Turbli is developed and maintained by Ignacio Gallego-Marcos.

    I have been working in the area of turbulence modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the past 11 years. I did my doctoral thesis at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and I am currently working in Sweden as a CFD engineer. I have also written several journal and conference papers within the area of fluid mechanics.

    Hope you enjoy turbli!

    Current development

    The current version of turbli provides a fully detailed and up-to date turbulence, wind and thunderstorm forecast for each flight.

    The flight schedules, needed to determine your flight times and aircraft type, are covered for most of the large and medium sized airports. The best coverage is in Europe and North America. However, some other airports might not be available in our system. We are working on expanding the airports coverage and hope that we will soon be able to provide you with a fully world coverage of flights.

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